Began in 1961 ...

Far paint was founded in Hong Kong in 1961 was made ​​in Hong Kong an old paint brand. The company's core business for all types of solvents and chemical raw materials, along with business development, the production of solvents and chemical products marketing Hong Kong and Macao, and known for excellent service and high quality, brand reputation and a well-equipped fleet for the majority of provide a sound and efficient delivery of sales and customer service.

Currently paints market network throughout the Far East territory, Macau and mainland can provide our clients with specialized solvent production and proper service.

Integrity is the, quality and full

Far paint always adhering to the "honesty, quality, and the whole" business purpose, not only to establish the company's goodwill, which is also occupies an important place in the Far East paints on the market in Hong Kong and Macao chemical solvents.

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